Grand Guilds Set For 2020 Release

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, the card combat RPG will be available on multiple platforms.

12.18.19 - 8:32 AM
written by Kim Key

Grand Guilds Screenshot of a grid-based combat interface

Something strange is happening to the continent of Irin, and it's up to Eliza and her guildmates to stop it. That's the premise behind Grand Guilds, a turn-based RPG with story elements and a unique card combat system. Players will travel all over Irin to unveil the mystery behind all the violence plaguing their homeland.

Each playable character in the game has unique mechanics, abilities, and feelings that they express throughout combat and dialogue options. Players will learn and master the fundamentals of tactical combat and build decks of cards to tailor each character to their own playstyle. Players can also embark on challenging missions for rewards that will increase their guild's reputation and earn combat bonuses.

Fans of Grand Guilds pledged over $30k in a Kickstarter campaign run in October and November. The game is initially coming to Switch and Steam in the first months of 2020, with plans to branch out to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future.

Check out some images below, with more in our new Grand Guilds gallery!

Grand Guilds Screenshot of blonde woman talking to a troubled-looking emperor

Grand Guilds Screenshot of a character profile with stats

Grand Guilds Character Artwork of a pink-haired girl with large glasses in a maid outfit Grand Guilds Character Artwork of a masked fighter covered in scars

Grand Guilds Character Artwork of a red-haired girl holding a large metal spear Grand Guilds Character Artwork of a blonde man magically manipulating a sphere of water
Kim Key
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