Twitch Sunday: EarthBound Beginnings

Including the OG telephone dad.

12.14.19 - 6:56 PM
written by Hilary Andreff

It's no secret that we have some serious Mother fans here at RPGFan. We've podcasted, we've included these games on various lists, and yes, we've demanded Mother 3 in the West as much as anybody. And hey, part of the reasons we finally got EarthBound Beginnings is because of fan enthusiasm. In this spirit, we bring you enthusiastic Mother aficionado Kat streaming EarthBound Beginnings (Mother 1) this Sunday. Join us at 10am PST/1pm EST at our Twitch channel or the Twitch page. Check out this long-sought title and speculate about how it connects to the other games! Or just embrace the funky atmosphere of this quirky series. And huh, how did I forget there is a town called Podunk in Mother 1? Same place as Secret of Evermore confirmed.

EarthBound Beginnings: Ninten and friends.

Hilary Andreff