RPGFan's Top 25 Games of the 2010s - 1-5

The best of the best are here.

12.11.19 - 5:06 PM
written by Zach Wilkerson

We're finally here. Our choices for the five best RPGs (or graphic adventures...or visual novels...yeah, we cover a lot here at RPGFan) of the past decade. All five of these games need no introduction, and the variety and breadth of the titles we've selected are an excellent reflection of the things that developers perfected over the past decade, from indie titles that upended our expectations of the traditional RPG, to unexpected hits that asked us to question the very nature and reason for our existence, all the way to AAA open world adventures that allowed us to explore a vast world at exactly the pace we wanted.

Read on for games 1-5 now!

RPGFan's Top 25 Games of the 2010s

Zach Wilkerson