RPGFan's Top 25 Games of the 2010s - 6-10

Despite the name of one of these protagonists, there are no jokes here - we're down to the final ten!

12.10.19 - 5:17 PM
written by Zach Wilkerson

Today we've finally reached the top 10 games of the past decade. We have some of the largest WRPG releases of the past ten years here, along with our answer for the best MMORPG we've played in that time. Oh, and let's not forget one of the most stylish RPGs ever made.

After this, there are only 5 games of our list left to be revealed! Do you have guesses on what they may be?

Read on for games 6-10 now!

RPGFan's Top 25 Games of the 2010s

Zach Wilkerson