New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screens, Developer Interviews Released

March can't come soon enough!

11.25.19 - 10:22 PM
written by Keegan Lee

As 2019 draws to a close, we come one month closer to the eventual release of the Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Square Enix has made sure to keep us excited as the release date draws closer. Recently revealed on the official PlayStation Blog, Square Enix has revealed some brand new screens from the upcoming game, detailing some new locales and information!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

In the original Final Fantasy VII, upgrading characters focused mainly on which Materia were used. While Materia will still play a pivotal role in the upcoming remaster, a new level of customization is also being introduced! Each characters weapon will now include a personal ability which grows stronger the more the character wields said weapon. Once the character becomes proficient with the ability, players will then be able to use said ability on any weapon they choose. In addition, weapons can also be upgraded to improve their wielder's stats, or add more Materia slots to the available weapon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

The Final Fantasy VII Remaster will focus on more action oriented combat, but that doesn't mean fans of the original gameplay will feel left out! By accessing the difficulty tab in the main menu, players will be able to change to "classic mode," where party members will attack automatically, filing the ATB gauge as they do. All that players need to do in this mode is select which abilities, magic, or items will be used when the ATB gauge is full!

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

Each party member will have their own unique ability in the group, being activated by pressing triangle in combat. For example, Cloud can switch between Operator mode and Punisher mode in combat. Operator mode strikes a balance between offense and defense, while Punisher mode grants a larger emphasis on combat, slowing down Cloud's movement but granting him more powerful basic attacks.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot

A staple of every Final Fantasy game, summons make a stunning return in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. By affixing summon Materia to a character's weapon, a new summon gauge will be added that, once filled, allows a summonable monster to fight alongside your party. The summon will move and attack automatically, though players can use their own ATB gauge to perform a special attack with their summon! Once the gauge fully depletes, the summon will perform one last powerful attack before the battle continues.

Along with these new features, plenty of new Screens have been revealed, showing off some familiar faces and locations. Stop by our gallery to check out these beautiful new screens!

And finally, the Square Enix team posted new interviews on their official website with the team currently working on the Final Fantasy VII Remake, detailing some of their thoughts and hopes for the upcoming game. While we highly suggest you take the time to read through everyone's thoughts, we'll leave you with the musings of producer Yoshinori Kitase. Enjoy!

In the several years following 2009, when I was running around all over the world promoting the FINAL FANTASY XIII series, I had opportunity to speak to many fans and journalists. The question that I always got as we got up to part ways was, "When are you making the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE?"

It was to the point where it almost felt like an alternative way to say goodbye, so eventually I started pre-emptively giving my response to the question before they'd even asked it. "If we were to create a remake of that now, it would be an enormous amount of data, and who knows how many years it would take. But, if the 'right time' comes along, we might just do it someday!" This is how I'd respond back then, who knows how many hundreds of times. To all the people I had a chance to meet with back then, the "right time" has finally arrived.

For the FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE, developers who worked on the original game have come onboard once again as core members, including myself as Producer, Tetsuya Nomura as Director, Motomu Toriyama as Co-Director, and Kazushige Nojima on Story & Scenario.

Additionally, we also have people like Co-Director Naoki Hamaguchi who are now part of the core development team, who was just a fan of FINAL FANTASY VII back then. And, to my delight, creators from younger generations all over the world have come forth upon hearing news of FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE's production. While ensuring that the spirit of the original game is kept intact, these members are adding to it the power of a new generation.

As a result, the game that is about to be born surpasses even my own expectations as the one who voiced the desire to take this endeavor on in the first place. In fact, the one who's looking forward to playing this game the most right now might actually be me.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is set to release on March 3rd, 2020 for the PlayStation 4. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on the Final Fantasy series!

Keegan Lee
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