Divinity: Fallen Heroes Delayed Indefinitely

Sometimes, these things need to happen

10.19.19 - 11:46 AM
written by Trent Argirov

Larian Studios and Logic Artists have announced the indefinite delay of Divinity: Fallen Heroes, an isometric tactics game set in the world of Divinity. A statement released via the Larian forums, by both studios, highlights the reasoning behind the delay: time and resources.

"Originally scheduled for a November 2019 release," the post reads, "it has become clear to everyone involved that the game will need far greater development time and resources than are available now to bring it to fruition, in a fun and sustainable way,"

An apology was also given to those looking forward to the title, with Larian Studios stating that they were "...sorry for the players excited for Fallen Heroes, who will have to wait an unspecified period of time..." but strongly believed in a timeline that will allow the game to be developed soundly and without issue.

Logic Artists, within the joint statement, thanked Larian Studios for their involvement and support, stating that, "It's always sad to put an exciting project on hold, but sometimes the realities of development and release schedules simply assert themselves in ways that are outside anyone's control", and that the experience gained in the development of Divinity: Fallen Heroes would aid them in their future projects and subsequent IP.

With Larian Studios continuing to work on Baldur's Gate III and the mutual respect that seems to be apparent between both studios, it seems that Divinity: Fallen Heroes will eventually get its time in the sun. Here's hoping it comes sooner rather than later.

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Trent Argirov