Galarian Ponyta Confirmed for Pokemon Shield

Galloping straight into your heart!

10.10.19 - 10:52 PM
written by Corey Hall

During the recent 24-hour livestream broadcast, Pokémon Trainers everywhere were treated to the sights and sounds of Galar's Glimwood Tangle, as well as a brand new Pokémon reveal. The Pokémon Company has finally confirmed that the majestic creature seen romping about in the livestream is in fact a Galarian Ponyta, as seen here on our official Instagram account, which will be a Pokémon Shield version exclusive. Sporting a beautiful pastel mane, this Ponyta can absorb energy from its surroundings, causing its hair to sparkle and glow. You can see this adorable new Pokémon discovery in the trailer below.

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New regional Pokémon continue to give fresh looks to existing creatures with delightful results! Literally deLIGHTful! The new Galarian Ponyta looks both fluffy and dreamy. ⠀ 💜⠀ #Grookey #Scorbunny #Sobble #pokeball #pokemon #galarregion #pokemonsword #pokemonshield #pokemonswordandshie­­ld #gamefreak #pocketmonsters #wooloo #Drednaw #rpg #Gossifleur #Yamper #videogames #Rolycoly #videogames #rotomdrone #gigantamax #pikachu #jrpg #rotomi #Cramorant #Polteageist #Ponyta #GalarianPonyta #PonytadeGalar

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Galarian Ponyta, a Psychic-type Pokémon, also has a brand new ability, Pastel Veil, which is making its debut in the upcoming Pokémon releases. This ability will prevent Ponyta and other Pokémon allies from being poisoned in battle, and can even cure a poisoned Pokémon partner of its ailment when it enters the battlefield!

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Trainers will want to choose wisely when picking their preferred version of Pokémon Sword or Shield in order to find version exclusives like the knightly Sirfetch'd or the pastel perfection that is Galarian Ponyta. Look forward to more information on additional version exclusives, and more, as we rapidly approach the November 15th release of Pokémon Sword and Shield, exclusively for Nintendo Switch!

Corey Hall
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