Zelda Maps from Zelda Universe Delivers Interactive Maps for Link's Awakening, Breath of the Wild

Link, my boy, these maps are what all true warriors strive for!

10.10.19 - 10:14 PM
written by Corey Hall

The wonderful team at Zelda Universe has created a new interactive map resource, called Zelda Maps, that seeks to help players enjoy their Zelda adventures to the fullest. With maps available for games like the recently released Link's Awakening for Nintendo Switch and the massively open Hyrule of Breath of the Wild, players enjoying Zelda titles on their Nintendo Switch will surely want to make use of these outstanding tools.

Link's Awakening Screenshot

In addition to offering an easy way to follow Link's journeys across Koholint Island and through Hyrule, the incredibly intuitive user interface also offers the ability to track specific items, locations, and even to record collectible completion by logging into an account — making it easier than ever to keep track of Seashells and Korok Seeds!

You can check out these handy maps for yourself on the official Zelda Maps website. For more on upcoming additions and improvements, be sure to check out Zelda Universe, or follow them on their social media accounts like Twitter and YouTube.

If you haven't picked up Link's Awakening for your Nintendo Switch, be sure to check out our review to find out why this reimagined classic is a must-play title!

Corey Hall
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