Review: Octopath Traveler Still Delights on PC

All must bow before Tressa. (who writes these headlines?)

09.17.19 - 10:55 PM
written by Mike Salbato

Octopath Traveler Screenshot

Originally revealed as a Nintendo Switch title, most of us figured that Octopath Traveler would remain a Switch exclusive following its release in summer 2018, yet here we are in 2019, and the HD-2D RPG hit the PC this summer. By and large, the PC release seems about identical to the Switch original, sans portability (unless you're playing on a notebook, I suppose).

Jonathan Logan took the PC release through its paces to see just how far the game's presentation and updated nostalgia can make up for some common issues with certain other aspects. Give his review a read now!

Mike Salbato
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