Project Sakura Wars Dazzles at Tokyo Game Show 2019 with New Characters and Trailers

Check out the anime opening movie, gameplay, and more!

09.16.19 - 10:59 PM
written by Tyler Trosper

Tokyo Game Show 2019 has come and gone, but not without a mess of new Project Sakura Wars details and trailers! Want new character details? We got it. Need trailers for the opening, gameplay, and story? We've got it all!

First up, we have the game's opening movie. Animated by Sanzigen, the company is also set to animate the recently announced Project Sakura Wars anime. Sega revealed the opening movie during their Sakura Wars Imperial Propaganda Department Report TGS Special #3: Sakura Wars Gameplay Special event.

Next we have a showcase of the game's plot and gameplay along with a TV Spot. The videos premiered during the Sakura Wars Imperial Propaganda Department Report TGS Special #1: Latest Information Special broadcast.

With the trailers out of the way, let's get into the new Combat Revue in town: the Berlin Combat Revue: Schwarzschild (Iron Star)! As expected, they are based in Berlin, Germany and have the "greatest roar" of all of the Combat Revues.

Project Sakura Wars | Elise

First, we have the leader of the Berlin Combat Revue, Elise. Designed by Fumikane Shimada, Elise is a stoic leader who is dedicated to her mission. However, she has a growing interest in Japanese culture and watches Kabuki theatre while in the Imperial Capital.

Project Sakura Wars | Margarete

Next, we have Margarete, a child genius and tactician within the Berlin Combat Revue. Though she may sound cold, her way of speaking derives from her straightforward nature. Her plans are usually incredibly difficult to pull off, leaving only the most skilled members of her Combat Revue to execute them successfully.

Project Sakura Wars | Eisenjaeger

The Berlin Combat Revue wouldn't be who they are without their Spiricle Fighers, Eisenjaeger. With emphasis on heavy armor and heavy firepower, the Eisenjaeger derives from an older Spiricle Fighter, the Eisenkleid.

Project Sakura Wars | Yasha

Of course, Sakura Wars wouldn't be the same without the villainous kouma showing up! Yasha is a high-ranking kouma that interferes during the Great Combat Revue World War. Despite looking similar to the top star of the Floral Division, her villainy leads her on a search for an item called the "Imperial Key."

Project Sakura Wars | Shinmetsu

Yasha has her Puppet Soldier Shinmetsu to back her up against any Combat Revues that get in her way. While large, the Spiricle Fighter is agile and delivers powerful attacks using a long sword.

Lastly, Sega announced the Floral Division's Spiricle Fighters will feature their own unique abilities. For example, Azami Mochizuki's Spiricle Fighter focuses on melee attacks, featuring devastating punches from its large gauntlet and kicks in either the air or ground. She can deliver a special attack called Mochizuki Ryuu Ninpou: Musou Shuriken that hurls shurikens at every enemy surrounding her.

On the other hand, Anastasia Palma focuses on firearms with her Spiricle Fighter, such as her handgun and rifle shaped like an umbrella. When combat shifts to close quarters, Anastaia can use the umbrella as a melee weapon. With her special attack Apolito Miden, she can deliver a powerful blow to enemies that are lined up in a straight in front of her.

For more, including art work of Anatasia and Azami in their battle suits, check out our updated gallery!

Project Sakura Wars releases in Japan for PlayStation 4 on December 12th, 2019. The game launches in North America and Europe in Spring 2020.

Check back at RPGFan as we learn more about the latest entry in the Sakura Wars series!

Tyler Trosper
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