Additional Final Fantasy VII Remake Gameplay Shown at TGS 2019 Special Stage

Classic turn-based combat will remain as an option.

09.14.19 - 10:49 PM
written by John Alas

Square Enix revealed additional Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay during their Final Fantasy VII Remake Special Stage event at Tokyo Game Show. The video showed off several new features, including the ability to play in "Classic Mode", a brand-new Squats mini-game, and Summons. The full clip is below, but if you prefer to skip to the action it starts at 8:42. The Squats mini-game starts at 31:05, and the Aps boss battle begins at 34:43.

During the video, the Easy and Normal modes are shown. When proceeding to the combat, Yoshinori Kitase showed an unexpected addition named "Classic Mode".

The inclusion of Classic Mode gives players the option to change the battle system back to the original ATB menu-based combat. Combat in this mode takes place by selecting commands while the ATB bar fills up automatically, in other words it is exactly like the original game's battle system and a welcome addition for players who prefer turn-based fights.

final fantasy vii remake classic mode

Next, the brand new Squats mini-game was showcased, where the player alternates between the four face buttons and the prompts get faster as the game goes on. Needless to say, the presenter played the game skillfully and showed how to succeed at it.

final fantasy vii remake

Lastly, the Summon Materia was shown during the Aps boss battle. Cloud had the Ifrit Materia equipped and filled up his Summon gauge as the battle went on. The player can also use their ATB charges to have their summon use their unique abilities and finish off with their ultimate attack, giving players more engagement than usual when using Summons.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is due for PlayStation 4 on March 3rd, 2020. Stay tuned to RPGFan for Final Fantasy series updates!

John Alas
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