Path of Exile: Blight Now Available for PC

Don't worry console gamers, it's coming soon!

09.11.19 - 10:10 PM
written by Keegan Lee

Developer Grinding Gear Games hit us with a surprise announcement earlier today, revealing that the newest expansion for their hit RPG, Path of Exile, has just release on PC! Titlted Path of Exile: Blight, this new expansion combines the classic Action RPG from the base game with a new tower defense system, bringing a whole new game play style to the world of Path of Exile!

Path of Exile

The expansion introduces players to a brand new NPC by the name of Sister Cassia, who tells players of a dangerous fungal growth that's slowly spreading throughout Wraeclast. These growths can control the minds of monsters, but fortunately the kindly sister has created a new device which will drain the growths, rendering them harmless. Players will have to create and deploy numerous towers to protect the pump while it works, fending off waves of beasts intent on seeing the fungi spread throughout the land.

In addition to this new gameplay mode, Path of Exile: Blight also introduces a slew of new skills, items, and balance changes, including significant reworks of specific classes! If you haven't had the chance to play Path of Exile, now's the time to jump in! It's free to play, and we have a review of the base game that you can check out here!

Path of Exile: Blight is now available on PC, with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One release set for September 9th. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news in info on your favorite games!

Keegan Lee
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