New Studio Created By Dragon Quest Builders Director

Here's to a future filled with exciting new games!

09.08.19 - 11:19 PM
written by Keegan Lee

Earlier this week, Dragon Quest Builders series director Kazuya Niinou announced his departure from Square Enix. While normally news like this tends to be sad, there is a bright light at the end of the tunnel, as Niinou is ushering in the creation of a brand new studio, called Type-Moon Studio BB!

Dragon Quest Builders 2

In the inaugural post on the company's official website, Niinou described the company's goals and future, stating, "Studio BB's has a two-pillar development plan: medium to large-scale 3D games developed in cooperation with external developers, and small-scale 2D games developed in-house."

At the moment, Type-Moon Studio BB is hiring staff, including programmers, art designers, game designers, and project managers. If you're skilled in these areas, why not take a chance and fill out an application on their official recruitment page? You never know what will happen!

We here at RPGFan wish nothing but the best for Kazuya Niinou and his new studio, and can't wait to see what games they have in store for us! Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on your favorite games!

Keegan Lee