RPGFan Music: The World is Square Review

Very nice tunes for your weekend listening.

09.06.19 - 10:39 PM
written by Marcos Gaspar

While I absolutely love listening to game soundtracks on a daily basis, there are occasions I like to broaden my horizons to game music arrangements (I kid, I listen to more than only game music...maybe). However, with that said, I'm incredibly particular with the genre of those arranged albums. I usually stick to piano, orchestral, or chiptunes versions, but sometimes I like to step out of my comfort zone for something a little different. Today's gem, Mustin's The World is Square, is one of those few projects that I've greatly enjoyed, so much that it'll definitely appear on my MOTY2019 top picks. I'll share the reason why at that time, but for now enjoy Hilary Andreff's thoughts on this lovely album. Enjoy the read and samples within, dear readers!

Marcos Gaspar
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