Trials of Mana Remake Appears on UK PlayStation Store With April Release Date

But is it confirmed?

09.04.19 - 10:55 AM
written by Mike Salbato

Trials of Mana Screenshot

Gematsu pointed out this morning that the remake for Square Enix's Trials of Mana suddenly has a pre-order page up on the UK PlayStation Store. More importantly, this page lists a specific release date of April 24, 2020! Previously we just had been hearing "early 2020" for release.

It's probable that this page wasn't exactly supposed to go live yet, as this release date may very well have been supposed to be revealed in this afternoon's Nintendo Direct. We'll see in a few hours if this info holds true, and if North America can expect the same release date! Check back this afternoon and evening for full Nintendo Direct coverage.

Updated at 3:05pm PDT: Via today's Nintendo Direct, April 24, 2020 is indeed the confirmed release date for Trials of Mana, which is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows.

Updated at 6:15pm PDT: We've added new screens and artwork to our Trials of Mana gallery. Check out all the new images, including a first look at the class change screen for the remake:

Trials of Mana Artwork

Trials of Mana Screenshot - Riesz

Trials of Mana Screenshot - Duran is surprised

Trials of Mana Screenshot - Good old Rabite fighting

Trials of Mana Screenshot - Giant enemy crab, etc.

Trials of Mana Screenshot - Duran's class change

Mike Salbato
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