SEGA Reveals Slew of New Project Sakura Wars Details, TGS Plans

Reading this reminded me that I'm way too old to be a JRPG protagonist.

09.02.19 - 11:10 PM
written by Keegan Lee

Recently, SEGA released a video detailing some brand new information on their upcoming game Project Sakura Wars, showing off some new characters, locations, and planned events for the upcoming Tokyo Game Show. Without further ado, let's dive into these new details!

Project Sakura Wars London Combat Revue

Based in London, England, the London Combat Revue are the defender of the city. Led by their commander Arthur, they are also known as the "Knights of the Round Table."

Project Sakura Wars Great Imperial Gekizou

A mechanical propaganda doll of the Great Imperial Theatre, Great Imperial Gekizou is in charge of promotional activities and intelligence gathering. Originally a man named Seijuurou Kamiyama, he was transformed into the doll you see above after being named "Special Assignments Propaganda Department Director."

Project Sakura Wars Arthur

Arthur is the 18 year old commander of the London Combat Revue: Knights of the Round Table. Born to a noble family of knights, Arthur's name has been passed down through many generations, along with the holy sword Excalibur. Chivalrous and fair, Arthur is popular with the women of London, though his demeanor tends to become ferocious when he steps on the battlefield.

Project Sakura Wars Lancelot

Continuing with the Arthurian theme, Lancelot is a prominent member of the London Combat Revue. Courageous and belligerent, she is in charge of the Revue's shock corps. Wielding two swords, she calls herself the "Dark Knight" to match her clothing she wears on the battlefield. While Lancelot may be bright and cheerful, she tends to act first and think later.

Project Sakura Wars Bridven

Bridven are special mechs operated by the London Combat Revue. Based on Western designs, Bridven are meant to invoke the image of chivalrous knights, clad in powerful armor and swords.

Project Sakura Wars Hatsuho Shinonome

In Project Sakura Wars, every mech is as unique as their pilots. Here we'll take a look at some of these unique mechs. First we have the Spiricle Fighter: Mugen operated by pilot Hatsuho Shinonome. Crimson colored with a large hammer, this mech pulverizes its enemies with slow and powerful attacks.

Project Sakura Wars Claris

On the other end of the spectrum, we have the Spiricle Fighter: Mugen operated by the pilot Claris. Rather than using physical weapons, this mech utilizes a large grimoire and long ranged magic attacks, vaporizing its enemies before they even have a chance to react.

Project Sakura Wars Great Imperial Hotel

The Great Imperial Hotel, aside from being one of the fanciest buildings in London, is the base of operations for the London Combat Revue, and has been since the beginning of the Great Combat Revue World War.

Even with all of this brand new information, SEGA plans on revealing even more at this year's Tokyo Game Show with special "Imperial Propaganda Department Reports." Each broadcast will be completely different, with special news and info on each day. The days and times for these reports are as follows.

Fans attending Tokyo Game Show will be able to experience a playable demo of Project Sakura Wars at the SEGA/Atlus booth. Those who play the demo will also be able to take home one of six exclusive bromides, featuring characters from the upcoming game. In addition, SEGA will also be selling some exclusive Project Sakura Wars merch during Tokyo Game Show, including clothing, enamel pins, coffee mugs, and more! If you're attending, make sure to grab some merch and send them to your favorite news editor!

Project Sakura Wars The Comic

And finally, a new manga based on Sakura Wars, titled Project Sakura Wars the Comic, will be debuting in the September issue of Young Jump. The manga will be written by Yuriko Noguchi, who's famous for their work on Ponshu-Bu! and Gunjyo Sword, Kenkouki - Hi no Kuni Daiteikokugun Kurenai Ikki Tousentai.

Project Sakura Wars is set to release on December 12th for the PlayStation 4 in Japan, with a 2020 release planned for North America and Europe. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on Project Sakura Wars!

Keegan Lee
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