Two New Persona 5 Royal Trailers are Sure to Steal Your Heart

This Joker doesn't look anything like Joaquin Phoenix...

08.30.19 - 11:34 PM
written by Corey Hall

Atlus has released two new trailers for Persona 5 Royal, offering new glimpses of the upcoming offering that is due out in Japan this October. The first trailer will help players become acquainted with the game's protagonist, who bears a striking resemblance to that Ren Amamiya kid from Shujin Academy. The other trailer, which may enter spoiler territory for some, showcases the Phantom Thieves as they adventure through various dungeons, unleash punishment aplenty upon their foes, and steal hearts — as they are known to do. You can check out both trailers below, but as mentioned before, proceed with caution if you're hoping to avoid spoilers.

Persona 5 Royal will release in Japan for PlayStation 4 on October 31st, with a Western release on the way in 2020.

Corey Hall