Witness the Power of a Samurai and Yokai in New Nioh 2 Screenshots

A new demo is coming to Tokyo Game Show!

08.28.19 - 8:49 PM
written by Tyler Trosper

Nioh 2 has a new protagonist on board, and we have new art and screenshots to show off his full power! Set during the Sengoku period of Japan, the main character is half human, half Yokai. He will journey both through the gritty world of Sengoku Japan and the Dark Realm of the Yokai in a blaze of action.

Nioh 2

In other news, developer Team Ninja ran an alpha demo back in May and June of this year and garnered over 50,000 participants worldwide! The team is taking the feedback from about 18,000 players who responded to the survey after the demo and analyzing it for future adjustments to the game.

Nioh 2

Nioh 2

For more screenshots and art work, be sure to check out our gallery!

A new consumer demo will be on display at this year's Tokyo Game Show! Besides that, little is known when Nioh 2 releases on PlayStation 4, but check back at RPGFan as we continue to learn more about the game!

Tyler Trosper