Trials of Mana Gameplay Showcased at Gamescom 2019

Combat and more was shown in a hands-on demo.

08.28.19 - 8:43 PM
written by Tyler Trosper

Even though Gamescom 2019 has passed, we still have a playable demo of Trials of Mana to talk about! During the convention, the PlayStation 4 version of the remake was available to play. Several outlets were able to get their hands on the demo and give us a fresh look at the game in action!

Check out the gameplay footage below, which showcases everything from town exploration to combat:

Gameplay footage was recorded by IGN Japan, Famitsu, Dengeki Online, and 4Gamer respectively.

Previously Japan only, Seiken Densetsu 3 first became available as Trials of Mana in English as part of the Collection of Mana for the Nintendo Switch. The collection includes the first three games in the Mana series: Final Fantasy Adventure/Mystic Quest, Secret of Mana, and Trials of Mana. You can check out our review of the collection here. Also, check out episodes 196 and 198 of RPGFan's podcast, Retro Encounter, for a deeper dive into Trials of Mana!

The Trials of Mana remake releases on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in early 2020. Check back at RPGFan as we continue to learn more!

Tyler Trosper