Twitch Sunday: Grandia HD HD!

08.17.19 - 9:02 PM
written by Hilary Andreff

Grandia is a charming PS1 era adventure that I really enjoyed sharing with friends. Consequently, I'm really excited that more people will get to experience both the first and second game in the series with the HD collection. We covered the progress on this new Grandia release during E3 and Scott is ready to stream it with all of you! Join us at 10am PDT/1pm EDT on Sunday 8/18 to get in on the adventure and that idyllic Parm town life. Just look out for Lilly the Skull, get ready to swab that deck, and watch and chat at our Twitch page or on the Twitch site itself.

Grandia Screenshot: Sue and Feena and Justin on the deck!

Hilary Andreff