RPGFan Music: NieR: Orchestra Concert 12018 Review

We're back with a music review, yay!

08.16.19 - 6:30 PM
written by Marcos Gaspar

I remember going to vgmusic.com every day to listen to some delicious Final Fantasy music when I was 12 years old (in particular FFVI/VII/VIII). However, I found myself listening to a certain handful of tracks on loop for hours at a time, which eventually took a toll not only on my earbuds but also my eagerness to listen to those particular Final Fantasy tracks later in my life. In a way, the magic of those pieces was somewhat marred by my inability to vary the track selections (what can I say, I love battle/field themes).

With that said, I'd like to introduce Patrick Gann's music review of NieR: Orchestra Concert 12018. My sentiments align closely with him on this gem of a release. Music fans of the series might feel the same way, but please check out Patrick's thoughts and see if you agree. Enjoy the samples and read, my dearest readers.

Marcos Gaspar
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