An Update on RPGFan Podcasts and Ads

A few more comments on our recent site updates!

08.10.19 - 9:36 PM
written by Mike Salbato

If you read my recent post on the why and how of the changes we've made at RPGFan earlier this week, you'll know I listed a handful of known issues and/or work-in-progress items as part of this update. I added a couple new things that I forgot to include in the original post, regarding podcast feeds (that a couple of you have contacted us about), and some comments on new ads you may be seeing in various parts of the site. I'm also copying these new notes here so you can see these by themselves:

[New] Podcast Feeds
As part of our shift to properly support secure content, we had to update our podcast feeds to match. We've learned that this is causing our podcasts to be reset to 'unplayed' status for some people. We apologize for this inconvenience, but even at some point we would have had to change this regardless, as iTunes and other major podcasts portals will eventually require secure links. All we can suggest is to either note where you are if you're listening to our show backlogs, or listen to them all again from the start! (You don't really have do this.)

[New] In-Content Ads
You may occasionally notice ads loading within articles. Like everything else, we had to update our ad setup. We need them to keep the site running (so if you don't mind whitelisting us, it keeps us alive), but we've never wanted ads on RPGFan to be overly intrusive, so we are continuing to refine these placements if we spot anything particularly problematic, we will do our best to resolve it.

Finally, once again, if you note any issues beyond the ones listed in the full post, we'd appreciate if you let us know via this simple form:

Bug Report Form

Mike Salbato