Quirky New RPG Heroland Available For Pre-Order

Don't eat the pretzels, they only give +2 to defense!

08.04.19 - 9:39 PM
written by Keegan Lee

Earlier this week, XSEED Games gave us some new info on their upcoming RPG, Heroland, along with details about pre-orders and special editions! But before we dive into all that, let's talk about the game itself!

Heroland is a unique RPG set in a theme park called Heroland. In Heroland, guests can live out their RPG fantasies by exploring dungeons, defeating monsters, and becoming legendary heroes! Players take over the role of Lucky, a run-of-the-mill part-time tour guide who discovers some dark secrets lurking within Heroland. It's up to Lucky and some overzealous tourists to save the park, and in turn, the whole world! Directed by Takahiro Yamane and written by Nobuyuki Inoue, who are famous for their work on Fantasy Life and Mother 3, Heroland promises to be a game unlike any other!

Set for a Fall 2019 release, Heroland will release physically as the "Knowble Edition" for $49.99 USD, while digital versions of the game will cost $39.99 USD. The Knowble Edition, which will be the only physical edition of the game, will come with a physical copy of Heroland for your console of choice, along with a 10.5" by 6" drawstring pouch, a CD containing musical selections from Heroland, a 14" by 20" theme park style map of the in-game world, and a sumo wrestling papercraft! Pre-orders for the game are now available on XSEED's official website and at local retailers, so make sure to grab a copy before it's too late!

Heroland Knoble Edition

Heroland is set to release in Fall of 2019 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more news and info on your favorite games!

Keegan Lee
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