Twitch Sunday: Dragon Quest Builders 2

Should be a gooreat time. Slimes included.

08.03.19 - 9:26 PM
written by Hilary Andreff

Please excuse me...I meant to post this update earlier, but I was suddenly inspired and had to draw up a blueprint for the *perfect* Twitch stream. Of course, it involves the heartwarming Dragon Quest Builders 2 with Scott. Join in this Sunday (8/4) from 10am PDT/1pm EDT at our Twitch channel! The first game tied into the world of the original Dragon Quest, and this next game ties in with the plot of Dragon Quest 2 in some interesting ways. Check out the review beforehand as well. Whether it's advancing story mode or seeing what we can all build together, it should be a charming time. The increased number of building and furniture options alone is help Scott avoid some choice paralysis. I'm there for Malroth's snarky commentary, personally.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 Banner.

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Hilary Andreff