Tyler Trosper
Ciel Fledge, A Daughter Raising Simulator, Launches This Autumn
Raise a daughter in a post-apocalyptic world!
07.17.19 - 1:02 PM

Welcome to ARK-3, humanity's city in the sky. In the year 3716, human beings fled from an alien attack and Earth is nothing more than a wasteland. In Ciel Fledge, the duty of saving the world doesn't fall on you. No, your duty is to raise the best daughter you can!

Check out a trailer for Ciel Fledge down below.

As the parent, you guide your daughter, Ciel, from childhood to adulthood. Plan her everyday schedule, from classes, hobbies, part-time jobs, all the way to hangout time with her friends. The choices you make with Ciel influences her life and the outcome of the game's ending. Watch as she grows, not only in age, but in weight and height as well!

Raising a child can be challenging. Classes, homework and even monster battles take the form of match-three puzzles. Ciel will develop her traits and abilities as she takes on every challenge that confronts her. Furthermore, not only can her equipment be changed but her outfits as well!

Developer Studio Namaapa describes the story of Ciel Fledge:

The World of Ciel
It is the year 3716 and an alien threat - known as "GIGANT" has forced humanity to abandon earth. They have left behind what is now a dangerous wasteland, and instead live on massive, flying cities in the skies above. Your home ARK-3 is one of them, until one day a mysterious girl is found and rescued to safety...
The Life of Ciel
You are chosen by ARK Administration to name, adopt and raise her as your daughter until she reaches adulthood. This includes helping her through school and choosing hobbies, finding a part-time job, or just spending time together. Your decisions will have a massive impact on her life and which of the many outcomes of the story you will experience.

Ciel Fledge

Ciel Fledge launches on Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam sometime this autumn. Be sure to check out our gallery for the latest screenshots and artwork!