Trent Argirov
The Surge 2 Showcases Gritty Gameplay in New Developer Walkthrough Video
Brutal combat and drones await!
07.01.19 - 4:46 AM

Publisher Focus Home Entertainment and developer Deck 13 have unveiled a new walkthrough video for The Surge 2, the upcoming sequel to 2017's The Surge. The video itself showcases technologically-enhanced combat, snapshots of the new locale, and the people you may meet on your journey. Check out more below!

From the video above, The Surge 2 looks to have enhanced the formula of combat for the first game, showcasing brutal, specific action in the targeting of limbs to gain specific loot and weapons to wield. Narrative seems to be present in the world-building and variety of Jericho City, showcasing a multi-layered playground of robo-infused enemies for the player to adventure within, as well as choice-based dialogue options with various NPC's throughout the adventure. And, lastly, as demonstrated by the developer, Adam Hetenyi, big boss battles are on the menu, showcasing a brutal fight between human and nano-machine.

All in all, it looks like The Surge 2 is shaping up to be a sequel with might. If you're curious about what we thought of its predecessor, check out our review, penned by RPGFan alumni Robert Steinman.

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