Mike Salbato
Retro Encounter Final Thoughts ~ Kingdom Hearts
This week is all about Kingdom Hearts, for some reason!
01.31.19 - 12:38 AM

The unthinkable happened in January. No no, I don't mean the fact that Kingdom Hearts III actually released, as amazing as that is.

I refer to the fact that Retro Encounter... king? I dunno what he goes by now, though I think he's adamant about making "The Podfather" happen... Anyway, Mike Sollosi has long played up the fact that he would not feature Kingdom Hearts on the podcast, but it was finally time for him to give it a shot! If you've heard both episodes of Retro Encounter, you know he's mildly changed his tune on the game, but if you haven't listened yet, be sure to check out both Part I and Part II!

If you're all caught up, then it's time for tonight's main event, which includes each host's Final Thoughts on Kingdom Hearts.

As to whether we'll see Kingdom Hearts II on a future episode, that remains in the air. But if you want to see it, I wouldn't discount the notion of emailing us at retro@rpgfan.com!