Mike Salbato
Special Feature: Kingdom Hearts ~A Beginner's Guide~
In lieu of a review (details inside), revisit the series' history again!
01.29.19 - 10:43 AM

Kingdom Hearts III is out today!

It feels weird to say that. The truth hasn't sunk in yet. You may notice that we're re-posting a feature today instead of a Kingdom Hearts III review. Presumably for obvious and understandable reasons, many media outlets were not given pre-release access to the title. And when some large gaming sites aren't getting copies early, RPGFan certainly won't be. Now that the game is released, we have a reviewer lined up to take it on. Remember that our policy on reviews is to complete a game before reviewing it, barring any special circumstances where this isn't feasible. So, we'll be working on getting that out for you as soon as possible, but this is why we weren't able to provide a day one review. Thank you for your understanding.

Kingdom Hearts ~A Beginner's Guide~

But hey, while you're here, have you finished reading Peter's Beginner's Guide to Kingdom Hearts that we posted last week? You should definitely check it out, since apparently even the most unlikely of these games may be vital backstory before playing KHIII.

Finally, Square Enix today released a special Launch Day trailer to celebrate Kingdom Hearts III's release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One:

Update: Just kidding, there's one more "finally," and that's to encourage you to check out Kyle's Twitch stream today at 3pm PST/6pm EST, where he will be streaming Kingdom Hearts III!

Kingdom Hearts III Banner