Corey Hall
New Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailer Released, Secret Ending Unlock Requirements Detailed
It is time!
01.24.19 - 10:12 PM

A brand new trailer has released showcasing all of the exciting new features packed into Kingdom Hearts III! From transforming Keyblades to new elemental magic, and even brand new moves called Attractions, which draw inspiration from classic Disney Them Park rides, and more! You can get the scoop on all of these incredible new additions and more in the trailer below.

Additionally, the game's director, Tetsuya Nomura, recently sat down with Famitsu to discuss the anticipated title, and in particular, how to go about unlocking the secret ending. According to Nomura, players will only need to find and photograph Lucky Marks via the in-game photo mode to access the secret ending video which will be added through a post-launch update — though the number of photos required to unlock the extra content will depend on the player's selected difficulty.

It feels surreal, but Kingdom Hearts III is available now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Japan and Asia, and will also be releasing captive hearts everywhere across North America and Europe on January 29th.

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