Mike Salbato
Special Feature: Kingdom Hearts ~A Beginner's Guide~
Get up to speed on the whole series before next week!
01.22.19 - 12:15 PM

Kingdom Hearts III is nearly finally upon us. Next Tuesday, a game with a "III" in its title will debut as the tenth or so game in the long-running series. And it's for this very confusing reason that Peter wrote up a full primer of what is regarded as one of the more complex and convoluted RPG series out there.

In today's brand-new feature, Peter walks you through every game in the series, from the PS2 original, all the way up to the mobile X (remember, that's "chi" and not "X"), and even the latest, chronologically, 0.2. He'll cover story elements, but also gameplay, and you'll know exactly what each entry brought to the franchise, and where things stand as the storyline we've been living with since 2002 finally reaches its conclusion.

Now, get some sea salt ice cream, sit back, and come with us on this journey:

Kingdom Hearts ~A Beginner's Guide~