Mike Salbato
Kingdom Hearts III Opening Song "Face My Fears" Now Available, Plus New Screenshots and World Logos
Let me face, let me face, let me face a bunch of new media.
01.18.19 - 12:29 PM

As we heard in late 2018, Kingdom Hearts III's opening song "Face My Fears" is performed by the unlikely duo of Hikaru Utada and Skrillex (or, very likely, if you consider the official remixes of past KH Utada songs).

Now, the song is available as part of a new EP. Available now on iTunes, this EP contains both English and Japanese versions of "Face My Fears," along with "Don't Think Twice," also performed by Utada.

Kingdom Hearts III Screenshot

Before we get to new media and shiny world logos, Square Enix has also launched a new social media campaign called "Share Your Heart Out" that encourages fans to share positive messages with a unique hashtag that also gives them a chance to win one of 5 Disney-inspired trips. From the press release:

As the ultimate battle between light and darkness is set to begin with the launch of KINGDOM HEARTS III on January 29, 2019, fans are encouraged to share positive messages with the hashtag #❤❤❤ and #sweepstakes across social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, for a chance to win unique trips to destinations inspired by fan-favorite Disney films. Prizes include a stay in an Ice Hotel in Sweden (Frozen), a trip to Tokyo (Big Hero 6), a visit to the Parthenon in Greece (Hercules) and more. The more #❤❤❤ participants share, the better chance they will have to win.

I mean, I want to stay in an ice hotel, so this seems like a good idea to me.

World Logos

Aw yeah, now we're talking my language. I admit that I've always had a special place in my heart for the whimsical logos that introduce each world in Kingdom Hearts, and I'm happy to see Square Enix release some of these so we can get a sneak peek. All of today's logos are from worlds we've long known are in the game, and since some known areas are not represented here, it's probably safe to say this list is only partial. But let's get to them!

Kingdom Hearts III - San Fransokyo Logo Kingdom Hearts III - Arendelle Logo Kingdom Hearts III - Olympus Logo Kingdom Hearts III - Monstropolis Logo Kingdom Hearts III - The Caribbean Logo Kingdom Hearts III - 100 Acre Wood Logo Kingdom Hearts III - Kingdom of Corona Logo Kingdom Hearts III - Toy Box Logo

New Screenshots

Finally, we have 18 new Kingdom Hearts III screenshots today, showing the wild variety the series is known for, since in this one batch, we have Organization XIII members, retro-style mini-games, the game's photo mode, the Ratatouille world, and the shiniest, sparkliest, rainbow-iest carousel you've likely ever seen. Here's a selection, and you can see the full lineup in our gallery.

Kingdom Hearts III ScreenshotKingdom Hearts III ScreenshotKingdom Hearts III ScreenshotKingdom Hearts III ScreenshotKingdom Hearts III ScreenshotKingdom Hearts III ScreenshotKingdom Hearts III Screenshot

That's it for now! Look for Kingdom Hearts III on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29th. Until then, you can pass the time with the above music, or the greatest cover of "Let It Go" that mankind has yet to produce.