Corey Hall
New Catherine: Full Body Details Outline Safety Mode, DLC, and More
Players new and old will flock to this puzzling action game!
01.17.19 - 9:46 PM

Atlus and Studio Zero have released several new details and screenshots for Catherine: Full Body, which is set to release in Japan on February 14th. New additions to the game, such as Safety Mode, DLC, and new experiences at Stray Sheep, the in-game hangout, are sure to delight newcomers and returning players alike. Read on for more on all of the dreamy details for this upcoming release!

Catherine Full Body Screenshot

Catherine Full Body Screenshot

Safety Mode will allow players to experience the entire story of Catherine: Full Body regardless of skill level or experience, making it impossible to receive a game over. This mode will also offer a skip feature, which will allow players to skip puzzles they haven't cleared, making it possible for them to enjoy only the event scenes. For players who want to experience the game's puzzles but aren't confident in their skills, both Safety Mode and Easy Mode will feature auto-play, during which Vincent will move through puzzles on his own.

Catherine Full Body Screenshot

Additional characters will be made available for use in the game's puzzle score and rank competition modes, Babel and Coliseum, as paid DLC. By purchasing the "Additional Playable Character Set," players will be able to tackle challenges as a variety of sub-characters from the game, including characters like Catherine, Orlando, Tobi, and even Boss, the owner of Stray Sheep. Babel and Coliseum modes will also receive updates, with the ability to enjoy co-operative play and obtain new helpful items in each mode respectively.

Catherine Full Body Persona 5 Characters Screenshot

Finally, new details about Stray Sheep were presented, offering plenty of activities to tide players over between Vincent's nightmares. While away the hours learning about and drinking drinks — but don't worry about drinking too much. The more your drink, the faster Vincent moves in his nightmares! Let loose on the arcade cabinet and pass some time with over 256 stages in Super Rapunzel Plus, including the newly added Arrange mode stages. Kick back and listen to some classic Atlus tunes on the jukebox, or excuse yourself to the bathroom to check your phone in private. However you spend your time, Stray Sheep will be a veritable smorgasbord of experiences and entertainment.

Catherine: Full Body will release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on February 14th in Japan. The upcoming release will sadly forgo the Vita release in the West but is still planned for release on PlayStation 4 later in 2019 in Europe and North America. For more new screenshots, be sure to check out our updated gallery.