Trent Argirov
Atlus Showcases Etrian Odyssey Nexus' 'Challenges' in New Trailer
The loop continues!
01.16.19 - 12:58 PM

Atlus has released a new gameplay trailer showcasing what players have in store for them, in the way of challenge, within Etrian Odyssey Nexus, the upcoming 3DS RPG. Check it out below!

Players will have to overcome the trials, beasties, and dungeons found upon the floating archipelago of Lemuria, the game's setting, by trial, error and the strategy afforded in the 19 classes available to them within Etrian Odyssey Nexus. Accessibility features, such as auto-mapping and difficulty settings, have also been baked into the systems within Etrian Odyssey Nexus to welcome new and veteran player alike, so the choice and level of challenge, at large, seems to be in the hands of the player.

etrian odyssey nexus screenshots

This entry in the franchise sports the pedigree of three long-standing developers within the franchise, that of Yuji Himuaki (Character Designs), Yuzo Koshiro (Composer) and Shin Nagasawa (Monster Designs), overseeing and contributing to what seems to be a love letter to the franchise at large, and a capstone to its final entry on Nintendo 3DS.

etrian odyssey nexus screenshots

Players have a lot of dungeon crawling and tough battling to look forward to when Etrian Odyssey Nexus launches in North America and Europe on February 5th for the Nintendo 3DS.

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