Mike Salbato
RPGFan Games of the Year 2018: Category Awards
This year's Game of the Year winner will SHOCK you! (Okay, it won't, but there's some great 2018 games worth celebrating.)
01.13.19 - 3:49 PM

It's time! After yesterday's Editors' Awards, we're sure you're ready to see what games took home the honors in our overall Category Awards. We have our usual categories this year Best Traditional RPG, Action RPG, etc, plus our top picks for things like Best Visuals, Protagonist, and more. For 2018, we've added a new 'Best Localization' category, for games that really got some extra love and care in their journey to an English release. And, of course, we finally bring you the results of the Readers' Choice voting in every category as well!

Click through the banner to see the final results, and let us know what you think!

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