Corey Hall
Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy Digital Card Game for PC and Smartphones
Bring pixelated versions of your favorite Final Fantasy characters and summons to life in card-based battles!
01.09.19 - 11:44 AM

Square Enix has announced a new free-to-play Final Fantasy Digital Card Game which will be available on PC and Smartphones in 2019 via the Yahoo! Japan Games Plus platform. This card game will feature turn-based battles, familiar characters and summons from across the Final Fantasy series, and fantastic pixel artwork.

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game Screenshot

A closed beta, which will only be available to 10,000 selected participants, will begin on January 18th and will conclude on January 25th. Sign-ups for the beta are available right now through Yahoo! Japan Games Plus!

Final Fantasy Digital Card Game Screenshot

For more on the Final Fantasy Digital Card Game, be sure to check out the official website. You can also find some screenshots in our brand-new gallery. Stay tuned for more info!