Marcos Gaspar
RPGFan Music: Secret of Mana Collector's Edition Arrange Tracks Review
All you need is a dream in your heart.
01.04.19 - 7:29 PM

I don't think I'll ever regret buckling down and pursuing a degree in music. I was graced with drawing composers and music from an endless well that will most likely take my entire life to drink just a fraction of what exists. I say that because I digest music a little slower than some people. When I hear something that pleases the ears, I want to listen to it continuously until I can hum the music from memory (which takes a bit). This is especially true of lengthier orchestral music. Of course, what extends my listening sessions of these wonderful pieces is painting mental landscapes and scenes where the music could be playing, whether in a film or video game. The same applies to the soundtracks of games that I have yet to play.

When I saw that Hiroki Kikuta had made an arranged album of tracks for such treatment, you can say I was more than a little excited. Sadly, Kikuta's Secret of Mana Collector's Edition Arrange Tracks is very limited (why must you do this!). However, Mr. Patrick Gann fortunately has a copy and would love to share his thoughts on Kikuta's musical illustrations. Enjoy the samples and read within, dear readers (I know I will!).