Tyler Trosper
Shironeko New Project Details Floating Island & More in Latest Artwork
Do we have a whale of a story for you!
01.03.19 - 12:45 AM

New details for the world of Shironeko New Project (or White Cat Project) have emerged!

Shironeko New Project

Though the island looks like a whale, it is home to various facilities that will help players on their quest. The whale's "stomach" is home to various citizens in the living space. From there, you have two important areas to any RPG: the Guild and the Blacksmith. The former allows you to manage your quests while the latter is for improving your weapons and armor.

For a better look at the flying island and its facilities, check out our brand-new gallery.

Shironeko Project started off as a mobile, free-to-play action RPG back in 2014. The game briefly made its way in English as Colopl Rune Story, but it is no longer available. The Japanese version is still available on iOS and Android. Shironeko New Project, on the other hand, is a completely new entry in the series and releases on the Nintendo Switch in 2020. To coincide with this, an anime will also release at the same time as the video game. The anime is said to be a new take on "Zero Chronicles The first sin," an event from the original game's 3rd anniversary.

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