Fantasy Farming: Orange Season Available Now on Steam

It's more than just a farming simulator; you can date and help the villagers around town.

12.26.19 - 9:45 PM
written by Kim Key

Start the farm life of your dreams with Fantasy Farming: Orange Season, a single-player RPG currently available via Early Access on Steam for Windows PC. Get to know your eccentric neighbors in Orange Town while creating a rich story and building a thriving farm on your own virtual plot of land.

Check out the trailer and take a first look at the new game:

Thanks to money from your parents, you finally have enough money to start your own farm. What would you want to do? Whether you plan to grow crops, raise animals, fish, mine for minerals, or just establish your reputation in town, you can do it all in Fantasy Farming: Orange Season. You can also befriend villagers and go on dates, complete quests, and build goodwill by helping out around the village.

The game is from Brazilian developer Tropical Puppy, and currently has a 'very positive' rating on Steam. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more coverage!

Kim Key
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