Trent Argirov
Catherine: Full Body Gets New Information On Difficulty Settings, Puzzles, and Support Features
A revamp of difficulty in the right direction!
10.27.18 - 12:54 AM

Atlus has released new details for the upcoming remake of Catherine: Full Body, via the game's official Japanese website, detailing significant balancing changes for the title regarding support features, difficulty settings and puzzles.

catherine full body logo

Support Features: Climb To Victory!

Catherine: Full Body will allow players to utilize four support features that will make protagonist Vincent's climb much easier to navigate. See them in action, below!

Retry Assist

Retry Assist will allow players to automatically return to the place they perished.

Automatic Undo

Automatic Undo will allow players to instantly rewind one action, even in death.

Line Display

Line Display will show routes available to the player within the puzzle they're attempting to solve.

Auto Play

Auto Play will allow players to, without input, automatically climb the shortest route.

Difficulty Settings: Puzzles That Can Be Completed By Anyone

Players will be able to choose from four difficulty settings in Catherine: Full Body, that of Safety, Easy, Normal and Hard.

catherine difficulty settings screenshot

Safety exists as a way for players to complete the game without fear of consequences. Traps do not activate, there is no time limit on solving the puzzles in your playtime, and players will be able to skip certain puzzles entirely. In addition to these features, Auto Play, as seen above, will be available to players who choose Safety or Easy, as an additional helping hand.

Puzzle Modes: Choose Between Standard and Arrange

Players will be able to choose between two modes of play for their Catherine: Full Body playthrough, that of Standard and Arrange.

catherine modes screenshot

In Standard Mode, players will experience the original 2011 Catherine experience, with no additions or new stages thrown into the mix.

catherine standard screens

In Arrange Mode, players will be exposed to new types of blocks, and, depending on choices made in the narrative, entirely new stages to solve, developed specifically for Catherine: Full Body.

catherine alternate screens

By what we've seen so far, Catherine: Full Body looks to be a feature-rich remake shaping up to be something that might surpass the original. If you're curious about the aesthetic of the title, check out our updated gallery.

Catherine: Full Body is set to release in Japan on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita on February 24th, 2019. A western release has been confirmed but no formal date given. We'll be sure to keep you updated if that changes.