Mike Salbato
What You Should Be Role Playing ~ Our YouTube Debut Series
Yes hello this is dog
10.26.18 - 8:59 PM

"Hey RPGFan," you begin, "how is it 2018 and you're still not delving into produced video content?"

I start to answer, but you continue, "Sure, it's good that you have three two established podcasts, and your Twitch channel has blossomed into usually twice-daily streams, so you are aware of other media formats."

"Yes, well–" I begin again, but your momentum cannot be stopped.

"...and your social media game has been improving. Seriously, whoever is managing your Instagram has really been putting some effort into those posts!"

At this point, I finally have to cast Silence on you, because while I appreciate the compliments, the fact remains that we are finally dipping our toes into more produced video content, thanks to one of our latest hires!

Today, I am incredibly glad to present our first episode of What You Should Be Role Playing, brought to us by Quinton Williams. When Quinton applied to RPGFan, it only took a quick glance to know we wanted him on board. We like his energy, upbeat manner, and he knows his stuff with RPGs too. We couldn't help but be entertained, and we hope you are too. And so, please dig in to his first video with RPGFan, and please like, subscribe, and whatever else you want to do to support our new endeavor. We have more plans in the works, and this is just the start!