Chris Gebauer
Nintendo Switch is Getting a Diablo III: Eternal Collection Bundle on Nov. 2
Traverse the world of Sanctuary on the go or at home with this swanky set.
10.18.18 - 1:50 AM

With many fans excited to jump back into the world of Sanctuary with the impending release of Diablo III on Switch, Blizzard and Nintendo have decided to up the ante with a Special Edition Diablo III: Eternal Collection Switch bundle.

Diablo III EC Tyriel

Releasing on November 2nd as a Gamestop exclusive, the bundle includes a dock and Switch console with Diablo III artwork, as well as a digital download code for the game and its expansions (Rise of the Necromancer and Reaper of Souls) and a Diablo III themed carrying case. To make things even sweeter, whether you get this special bundle or not, DIablo III on Switch comes with in-game items exclusive to Nintendo’s console. These in-game items include some The Legend of Zelda swag, including Ganondorf Transmog Armor, a companion Cucco pet and a Golden Triforce Portrait Frame.

Diablo III EC Switch Bundle

If you are excited about Diablo III: Eternal Collection coming to Switch, special bundle or not, the game is just around the corner releasing on November 2nd. Get hyped.