Trent Argirov
Hand of Fate 2 Releases New DLC And Rebalancing Update
Cards and fate are making a comeback.
10.16.18 - 2:07 PM

Defiant Games has released both new DLC and a free balancing update for Hand of Fate 2, bringing a new companion, new cards, new enemies and a host of improvements to the game.

hand of fate 2 screenshot

Titled The Shadow and The Beast, the DLC brings players, as the protagonist of Hands of Fate 2, back to the Dealer for a new campaign, where they must strike a deal with Veles, the Shadow Beast, to escape bloody and brutal combat within the adventure, in exchange for blood.

Veles, the companion that the player recruits, will, during the course of the DLC, accompany players into combat. They will utilize new abilities and power that can be upgraded during the course of the campaign, within a personal quest chain that, according to Defiant Games, is laden with vengeance and gear to unlock. If you're curious about what the Shadow Beast looks like, check out the DLC launch trailer below!

In tandem with The Shadow and The Beast's release, the balancing update, titled 'Combat Reforged', which Defiant Game promises '...overhauls how battles play out in Hand of Fate 2 with a myriad of enhanced fighting mechanics...' as well as rebalancing both enemy statistics and equipment.

The Servant and The Beast and Outlands and Outsiders, Hand of Fate 2's previous DLC, are, as of now, on sale for $6.99 (USD) / 5.99 /
4.99 / $8.95 (AUD) on the PlayStation Store, Steam, the Microsoft Store, and The update will be available on the Nintendo Switch and eShop at a later date.

If you're curious about the card-battlin' campaigns of Hand of Fate 2, check out our review, penned by Bob Richardson. With the rebalancing update, it seems like there's not been a better time to play it!

Hand of Fate 2 is available now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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