Trent Argirov
Gothic-RPG Vampyr Receives Two New Difficulty Modes
Consistent support is never a bad thing.
10.09.18 - 12:51 PM

DONTNOD Entertainment have released a new update for their narrative-focused RPG Vampyr, adding two new difficulty modes into the game as well a few bug and glitch fixes, in an aim to streamline and smooth the experience.

vampyr screenshots

Story Mode is the first of the new modes which, upon selection at the start of a new game, will give a greater focus on narrative for the player, rather than combat, helping players "...enjoy Dr. Jonathon Reid's journey with less challenging gameplay".

vampyr screenshots

Hard Mode, the second of the new modes, will do the exact opposite, giving combat a greater edge and threat throughout the whole experience. Players will gain less experience from killing enemies, forcing them to make hard decisions to gain greater power.

vampyr screenshots

Coupled with these additions to the gameplay, the PC version of Vampyr will also have Nvidia Ansel made available, allowing players to take high-quality images to share in 3D via PC, mobile devices or, interestingly, VR Headset. If you're curious about the full extent of what the latest update brought to Vampyr, check out the Steam patch notes!

If you're curious about the sojourn of Dr. Jonathan Reid within the streets of London, check out our thoughts , penned by reviewer Caitlin Argyros.

Vampyr is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Stay tuned to RPGFan for more info!