Mike Salbato
Week in Review Live, 10/6/18
Our weekly recap of all things from Xenoblade to Metal Max Xeno.
10.06.18 - 1:45 PM

It's Saturday, which means we're nearing Week in Review Live time again!

This week brought us some exciting news like those Trails of Cold Steel PS4 ports, the news that yes, Nelke & The Legendary Alchemists is coming West, and our Metal Max Xeno review, among other things.

Which, by the way, our Metal Max Xeno Giveaway ends TONIGHT, so if you want to be in the running on that, be sure to enter now!

Once again, you can join Scott on Twitch as he covers the full slate of RPGFan posts for the week, right now! Well, at 11am PDT/2pm EDT.