Tyler Trosper
Too Kyo Games Announces Details for Deathmatch Club
The game launches in 2020 for PC.
10.04.18 - 10:10 PM

As previously reported, creators of Danganronpa and the Zero Escape series joined forces to establish Too Kyo Games. Four projects are underway, but we finally have details on one of them, Deathmatch Club!

Deathmatch Club

Take on the role of Reicho as he takes part in a death game with other elementary school students. Deathmatch Club is an action adventure game developed in collaboration with Grounding and published by Izanagi Games.

Deathmatch Club's staff includes:

  • Creative Director: Kazutaka Kodaka

  • Scenario and Director: Kotaro Uchikoshi

  • Director: Takumi Nakazawa

  • Character Design: Take

  • Art Director: Kentarou Yoshida

  • Producer: Shinsuke Umeda

  • Development Director: Yukio Futatsugi

  • Developer: Too Kyo Games and Grounding

Though Kazutaka Kodaka is known for throwing people into death games in the Danganronpa series, he expressed in an interview with Weekly Famitsu that he is done with death games for awhile. Kotaro Uchikoshi, creator of the Zero Escape games, was the one who convinced him to make Deathmatch Club about a death game with elementary school students.

Deathmatch Club contains characters with various abilities, such as controlling electricity, but players only play as silent protagonist Reicho. Other students will be able to cooperate with the protagonist through buddy actions. The game is expected to be over 20 hours long. Also, the game is being funded from overseas, thus the game's target audience is aimed at overseas players. Too Kyo Games plans on releasing a demo at some point in order to gain feedback.

Deathmatch Club arrives on PC sometime in 2020. Check back at RPGFan for more news on this game and Too Kyo Games' three other titles!