Tyler Trosper
Moonlighter Receives Massive "More Stock" Update
The update includes 100 new room patterns!
07.31.18 - 10:24 PM

Only a few weeks have passed since the launch of Moonlighter, but 11 bit studios and Digital Sun have already launched their first massive update on PC! The free patch, called the More Stock Update, adds more to the game, both aesthetically and gameplay-wise.

moonlighter more stock update patch

First, and possibly the biggest new feature, is the addition of 100 new room patterns. Not only that, but these rooms now contain puddles, elemental traps that match whatever biome you are in. For example, if you are in a forest, the puddles will poison you, whereas a desert puddle burns.

Next up, revisiting defeated boss rooms earns you the chance to win some nice rewards. However, you have to fight for these rewards as quickly as you can before a special timer runs out. Good luck!

moonlighter boss

And now for the aesthetics! New visual flares were added to enchanted weapons. Also, armor skins have been upgraded to better associate them with their dungeon of origin. Further additions to the update includes new tutorials for your shop, a DLC weapon for Kickstarter backers, and several game fixes. For the full patch notes, check here.

The More Stock Update is available now for PC players. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One owners will receive the update in the weeks to come. Moonlighter is available now.