Keegan Lee
Vampyr Introduces New Difficulty Modes in Future Update
New story mode and hard mode coming later this summer!
07.30.18 - 8:29 PM

DONTNOD Entertainment has recently announced two new gameplay modes for their latest action RPG, Vampyr, which will be added to the game later this summer.

vampyr new modes

These two new modes, which are called Story Mode and Hard Mode, will introduce fresh new ways to play through Vampyr. Story mode will focus significantly more on the story aspects of the game, greatly downplaying the combat segments. This is great for players who found themselves stuck in the numerous battles throughout the game, allowing players to enjoy the story of Dr. Reid at a relaxed pace. On the other side of the spectrum, Hard Mode greatly amps up the difficulty found in Vampyr's battles. Players will be pushed to their limits in every fight, and only the craftiest and strongest of players will survive!

To celebrate this upcoming event, Vampyr is now currently 25% off on Steam! Still not convinced? Well you can check out RPGFan's review of the game here.

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