Mike Salbato
Adventures on the Side: Guidelines for RPG Sidequests
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07.29.18 - 5:18 PM

None of you reading this will know that sometimes we post things that were written, say, a month in advance, unless some big mouth like me outs that fact... But anyway, today is an exciting day, as we have a new article from our first-ever feature-first writer, Tina Olah.

She's here to discuss sidequests in RPGs and the good and bad ways games in our beloved genre tend to employ them. She's using two main games as examples: I am Setsuna and Xenoblade Chronicles. The latter is a fantastic game, but everyone who's played it knows it has a lot of sidequests. This isn't a bad thing exactly, but... well, I'll let Tina take it from here.

Adventures on the Side: Guidelines for RPG Sidequests

This isn't the kind of article we've done a lot of in the past, but we're slowly working to do more like this, and Tina specifically has several in the works, too. We want to know what you think, and of course, if you have an itch to write such opinion pieces with us, please let us know.