Trent Argirov
Etrian Odyssey X Reveals Returning Classes and New Artwork
The collaborative class art looks absolutely fantastic!
07.13.18 - 10:07 PM

Developer Atlus has released two new trailers for Etrian Odyssey X, the sixth mainline entry for the Etrian Odyssey franchise. The first features the returning character classes while the second has illustrations that will be available as DLC.

etrian odyssey x

Focusing on the theme of 'crossover', Etrian Odyssey X seeks to meld the favorite aspects of each iteration of the franchise that has been released thus far. This includes battle mechanics, such as the 'Force Burst' and 'Force Break' systems, as well as an extensive Character Creator option, previously seen in Etrian Odyssey V. As it stands, the nuts and bolts of the franchise have always been in the dungeon-crawling and classes that players can inhabit and evolve in their party respectively. In that vein, the first trailer showcases the return of four classes seen previously within the franchise: Nightseeker, Landsknecht, Arcanist, and Imperial. Check it out below!

Fighting F.O.E's aside, Atlus has also revealed a collaboration between notable Japanese illustrators and Etrian Odyssey X, titled the 'New Adventurers Illustration Pack', featuring guest artists' creating key class art for five classes within the game. Check out a trailer showcasing said artistry below!

The collaboration features art by five notable Japanese illustrators, including Shigenori Soejima, of Persona character design fame. "New Adventurers Illustration Pack" will be available to players who pick up first-edition copies of Etrian Odyssey X, as bonus DLC available upon release.

If you're curious about the aesthetic of Etrian Odyssey X, check out our newly updated gallery!

Etrian Odyssey X is set to launch on 3DS on August 2nd within Japan. No word on a Western release has been announced as of yet.

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