Nathan Lee
Death end re;Quest Announced for Western Release
Compile Heart's bloody RPG makes its way West!
07.07.18 - 5:45 PM

During Idea Factory International's panel at Anime Expo, the publisher announced that Death end re;Quest, Galapagos RPG's latest title, would be making its way to the West. Coming early next year to PlayStation 4, the Western release will include both Japanese and English voice options and English subtitles, and will be available in both physical and digital formats.

death end request screenshot

In this game, you play as a video game developer, Arata Mizunashi, who created an VRMMORPG called World's Odyssey (W.O.D.), alongside another friend of yours, Shina Ninomiya. She goes missing a few months before the game's servers get shut down, and you discover that she has been sucked into the game world. From the real world, you decide that you need to help her beat the game, and escape from the virtual world. However, the two of you designed the game so that it is almost impossible to beat, with a 99% chance of getting a bad ending. In addition, the game itself has broken its code, and the game is starting to bug out the real world. It's a race against time to make sure you don't get a bad ending, and to beat the game before the real world and the virtual world become one.

death end request screenshot

Death end re;Quest's gameplay resembles that of the Neptunia series. You can move around the small battlefield and perform skills, and transform into stronger forms like Neptunia or Mary Skelter. However, there is a twist to the system. Since you play as a programmer of the game, you can occasionally "fix" the game to play more like something you are good at. If you want the battles to become a puzzle, shooter, or a fighting game, you can change the battle to become the genre you want it to be.

death end request screenshot

I've been curious about Death end re;Quest ever since I first saw opening screenshots of its bleak world. Out of all Compile Heart's projects (besides Neptunia), this is the one that has got me the most excited in quite some time. In this game with high stakes and a plethora of bad endings for you to get a Game Over on, will you be one of the lucky players who gets the good ending? Stay tuned to RPGFan for further updates regarding this brutal upcoming JRPG!

Be sure to check out our freshly-updated gallery for several more screenshots, and enjoy the announcement trailer below! Look for Death end re;Quest on PlayStation 4 in early 2019.